So its only October and we are already hearing stories that the british winter weather is on its way and not only is the cold weather turning on us early in the season this year, but it is predicted to be one of the coldest winter for quite some time.

With this in mind people are already starting to make plans in preparation for the cold. Of course we want to bring to your attention our ranges of specialist workwear for cold conditions.

We have boiler suits for placing our your normal work clothes, these will add an extra insulation barrier and keep as much natural body heat inside you clothing as possible.

Safety gloves need not just be used as a safety precaution but also as an insulator, again maintaining body heat in cold conditions is vital.

Make sure that you are seen when the british evenings start to pull, it will shortly be dark by 4.30pm here in the uk, so make sure that when you are travelling to and from work that you remain safe and make sure you are seen. You can visit our hi vis section to view a full range of high visibility clothing, be safe not sorry!

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