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Polos & T-Shirts
Polos & T-Shirts

Making Embroidering your workwear simple – How it works!

It could not be easier to start the process of allowing us to embroid your logo onto your work clothing.

1. Simply select a category from the list below.
2. Next select the product that you wish to have embroided.
3. Under the price of the product you will see “Would You Like This Product Embroided” Simply select “yes” from the drop down and begin customising your clothing.

Below is a simple breakdown and explanation of how you can customise your clothing.

1. Would you like your product embroided – Select Yes

2. Would You Like Plain Text Or Your Logo To Be Embroided?

  • Plain Text (No Set Up Costs) – This option would best be suited if you were looking for simple text embroidery, this would not include your logo and would be an arial font.
  • My Logo (£40.00 Digitizing Set Up Cost) – This option is preferable with most of our customers as you are able to get your exact logo replicated onto the garments. This option does incur a set up cost of digitizing your logo. this is a one off cost (per logo). Once each logo has been digitized you will not pay this set up cost with us again. If you have variations of your logo (more than one) you are able to select more logos for embroidery.
  • I have already added a Digitizing Set Up Cost previous – This option is to be selected if you have either:
    Already added your logo for digitizing in a previous product or you have already had your logo digitized by us in the past. You can simply add your company name in the drop down box “company name” once this option has been selected to alert us of the correlation between your orders.