Dickies Overalls & Boiler Suits

For the benefit of all we’re going to stick with overalls, but you may well know this protective clothing as a boiler suit or a coverall too! Dickies have an excellent range of men’s overalls & also offer overalls for women and kids overalls too as part of an extensive work clothing range. Here’s our round-up of the variations on offer:

Cotton Overalls – these are 100% cotton overalls, a popular choice for overseas working and available in a good range of core colour options in both short and long sleeved variants.

Waterproof Overalls – wet weather working? Then total body coverage from a full coverall could well be the product of choice – sometimes these can be known as tunnel suits.

Flame Retardant Overalls – these are premium quality protective overalls, designed for dangerous working conditions. A full range of flame retardant clothing is manufactured by Dickies.

Bib & Brace Overalls – some might think these to be work trousers, but we classify these garments as a type of overall due to the extra protection offered to the body.

Knee Pad Overalls – Sometimes, when working for long periods on your knees, this can cause pain or damage. These overalls have the option of inserting a set of Dickies knee pads to protect and prevent unnecessary injuries.

Mens Overalls – the full collection of Dickies overalls for men.

Womens Overalls – Dickies overalls & boiler suits for women, including the traditional tabard.

Kids Overalls – Dickies overalls for children – these are some of the most popular overalls from the men’s range, styled and sized for kids.

We would also recommend looking at the rest of our Dickies workwear for other great products for your trade or DIY task in hand. Perhaps consider some of the great Dickies t-shirts for a practical work clothing item to be worn as your base layer beneath your new Dickies overalls.

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