Disposable Gloves have a increased demand from the general public for healthcare professionals to be accountable for their actions, many are becoming familiar with clinical governance and other initiatives to improve clinical practice. Good infection control is central to nursing practice. To achieve higher standards of clinical practice, especially when thinking about how to reduce the risk of cross-infection, it is necessary to not only do the right thing, but also do the thing right. Safe practice should be uppermost in the minds of healthcare professionals when caring for patients. This articles attempts to look at the practical aspects in the selection of medical gloves that are available for use. It also shares some latest findings on latest problem of allergies to latex.

Barrier Protection Strength & Durability Puncture Resistance Fit & Comfort Elasticity Allergenicity
Latex Long-standing barrier qualities Strong, natural rubber is durable Has Re-seal qualities Provides comfortable fit Natural ability due to elastic quality rubber Contains protein & chemical allergens low powder is preferred
Neoprene (Chloroprene) Good but tear resistance Is marginal Strong Has some puncture resistant qualities Provides a good fit, has some elastic ability that enhances fit Close to latex & allows for flexibility Contains no latex proteins but has some accelerator chemicals
Nitrile Resistant to punctures & tears, flexes & does not develop holes Strong has puncture resistant qualities Has puncture resistant qualities Slightly tighter fit Less than latex over time tends to shape to wearer’s hand Contains no proteins but contains some accelerator chemicals
Vinyl Easily breaks during use, Baggy Weak, breaks easily & punctures easily in use Punctures with sharps Fit limited baggy Dexterity compromised Contains no proteins but chemical accelerators
Polyurethane Durable & high puncture resistance Excellent tear, puncture & abrasion resistance Superior to latex for puncture resistance; mimics nitrile in performance Good comfort & fit; has latex – like qualities Elasticity is apparent Contains no latex proteins & no chemical accelerators
Copolymer (block polymers) Good resistance to tears Stronger than vinyl; puncture resistance is fair Easy to puncture Latex like fit and comfortable Elasticity superior to vinyl but below latex Contains no latex proteins but some chemical accelerators

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