Many professionals work within an environment where it is highly important to wear comfortable and suitable safety footwear.

Tradesmen, medical professionals & factory workers will need to wear some form of safety shoes or boots. The type of footwear that you wear can make a massive difference when it comes to your feet health and injury risk.

Therefore it is important to remain protected and comfortable in your place of work.

What is safety footwear?

Safety footwear is the protective construction of a shoe, boot, trainer or wellington.

Often referred to in their sub-categorisations as safety boots, safety shoes, safety trainers and safety wellingtons. Footwear manufacturers design and construct footwear to specifically targeted to an occupation.

Sometimes the footwear will be designed to target a particular problem that is faced within a specific occupation or job type.

Some of the most advanced footwear manufacturers continually research the health care of a workers foot over a given period of time.

From this research, they are able to conclude how their footwear needs to evolve to provide the ultimate comfort and safety shoe, boot, trainer or wellington.

The right kind of footwear is vitally important when you are on your feet throughout the duration of your working shift.

What protective aspects should you expect from your footwear;

  • Protect your feet from the type of potential industrial hazards that could occur
  • Keep your feet comfortable
  • Keep your feet dry

Who needs safety footwear?

Who needs safety footwear?With today’s health and safety legislation, safety footwear is required for a large number of workplace roles.

When we think of safety footwear, we can be forgiven for immediately picturing steel toe caps boots.

Yes, steel toe cap boots are still the stable of many tradesmen and especially onsite working environments for trades such as bricklayers, onsite workers (labourers) and project and site managers. However, such professionals as rig workers, hospital staff, electricians, plumbers, carpet fitters and factory workers but to name a few, will all have very unique requirements when it comes to wearing suitable footwear int he workplace.

Who are the best safety footwear manufacturers?

As well sell a variety of safety footwear brands it would be seen as favourable for us to mention just one or two. We find that every manufacturer possesses great features in the footwear that they produce.

Of course, the difference between paying £30 for a safety boot and £150 does come with significant quality differences. We appreciate that everybody has different needs and expectations when choosing a safety boot and that is why we offer impartial and honest advice to suit your budget.

Here is a video from one of our brands Sievi, Sievi is one of the leading manufacturers of safety footwear and in this video, we get an insight into the production of their high-quality products.

Where can I buy safety footwear?

We are able to offer our customers a complete range of stocked safety footwear in both men and women’s sizing, that covers all trades.

Here at ddhss, we are experts in occupational footwear. We stock a wide variety of footwear brands and we are more than happy to offer you the most honest and trusted advice.

All of our footwear complies with safety standards and legislation and is backed by leading brands including;

Sievi, Dickies Footwear, Wood World Boots, Workforce Footwear, Tuffking Footwear, Timberland Footwear, Catapillar Footwear, Dr, Martens, Dewalt Footwear.

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