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Choosing the correct footwear for workers is critical for those who are regularly exposed to hazardous conditions. Occupational dangers are greatly dependable on the job role and it is extremely important that you choose footwear that suits your line of work.

Safety is the most important aspect of a work boot, especially if you work in a hazardous environment that requires essential features in your work boot. Before purchasing a work boot, it is important to know the conditions your boots will be facing, so you are well equipped.

Depending on your occupation, your work boots may need to include several safety elements, but knowing that you have a pair of solid, safe and comfortable work boots to keep your feet protected, is always worth the investment. If you are unsure of your company’s safety regulations for footwear, it is worth consulting your company’s health and safety policy.

Safety Toes

Safety toes is one of the most popular and necessary work boot features. Magnum has a hard wearing safety range called the Stealth Force collection which includes a composite plastic toe cap feature, this is essential when working in situations where heavy objects could potentially fall in your vicinity. The composite plastic used is as strong as steel, but much more lightweight, great for those on their feet all day. Safety toes can help prevent serious foot injuries occurring in the work place. The fantastic element of composite plates, is that they are scanner safe and do not trigger metal detectors, great for security and airport personnel.

Puncture Plate

Along with the composite toe cap, a selection of the Stealth Force styles include a penetration resistant plate. If you work in any field that requires your feet to work on dangerous terrain, which could include demolition zones, construction sites or any environment where debris is present, puncture resistant footwear should be worn as a precaution as you risk serious injury from stepping on broken glass, rogue nails and other hazardous materials. To protect you against punctures and pierces, make sure you invest in this essential safety element to avoid injuries.

Outsole grip and slip resistance

Solid grip, high traction and slip resistant outsoles all contribute to a high quality working boot. If you work in an environment where uneven surfaces, oil, mud, dirt, and spillages are common then it’s important to invest in slip resistant footwear. Magnum boots offer a wide selection of high traction and slip resistant outsoles, depending on your working environment.

– High traction rubber

– Slip and oil resistant

– SRC certification

– SRA certification

Weatherproof boots

It is very important that almost all work boots should be water resistant. We all know that the UK has its fair share of drizzly months and heavy down pours. It’s best to pre-empt the water logged boots and invest in a pair of water resistant footwear that keep feet dry, warm and damp free! As well as being waterproof, having a safety boot work boot that protects against the elements such as the change in temperatures and conditions. Magnum offer a wide range boots that are insulated, water resistant and have high traction outsoles that provide great protection against the snow, sleet and colder months.

Stay comfortable and supported
Safety boots in the workplace are extremely important, but it is also vital to stay comfortable and supportive. Magnum boots are supportive by providing heel counters, lightweight hardware and padded foam collar and tongue. The midsole of any work boot must be cushioned, especially if you’re on your feet all day. All Magnum footwear is designed to provide comfort and support with a range of our boots including the M-P.A.C.T athletic comfort technology – a contoured comfort insole designed to counter shock absorption and cradle the foot providing superb stability for the arch and heel.
Whether you’re a chippie making sure it’s square, a sparkie wiring a circuit breaker, a brickie mixing up mortar, or just a plumber fitting a new ballcock, Magnum Work boots can make every day feel like POETS day for your feet. We use innovative technologies and high quality materials to ensure your feet stay protected and comfortable, whatever work you’re doing.

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