We have a superb selection of knee pad trousers for a wide range of tradesmen. A very popular type of work trouser is the knee pad trouser or as some refer to them as “work trousers with knee pads”.

Carpet fitters, electricians, cable installers to name a few will opt for a protective trouser that comes with knee pad protection. As you can imagine, the up and down that carpet fitters and floor layers will endure throughout a day can be very taxing on the knees.

Although you are able to buy external knee pads that will fit over any kind of standard trouser, a built in purposely built knee pad area is usually preferred.

It is very easy to change your knee pads within the trousers and whats more, the knee pad is very protected by the trouser itself.

£6.35ex.VAT | £7.62 inc.Vat
£7.65ex.VAT | £9.18 inc.Vat
£15.95ex.VAT | £19.14 inc.Vat
£27.99ex.VAT | £33.59 inc.Vat
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