Embroidered workwear provides the ultimate permanent finish to promote your company and most logos can be recreated using embroidery. Having a logo on your company clothing sets you apart from the crowd, identifies your company employees, advertises your company whilst staff are working, makes your staff feel a valued part of a team and give customers the re-assurance that they are dealing with a professional company.

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Putting together your first embroidered clothing order without expert advice could be a daunting prospect. At ddhss we specialise in logo application and can help customers make an informed decision before committing to an order. We welcome the opportunity to quote for your requirements so for a no obligation quote plese call 01603 628891.

The exact price of embroidery will depend on the number of stitches required to produce your particular logo. Up to 3000 stitches £3.00: Up to 7000 stitches £4.00: Up to 10000 stitches £5.00: Up to 15000 stitches £7.00: Up to 20000 stitches £10.00 all plus VAT. There is a one-off cost for recreating your design, normally £10.00 plus VAT, bigger designs might cost a little more. The smallest and simplest designs are usually the easiest to produce and help keep the cost down. At ddhss we do not apply any minimum order size.


Single colour designs are an extremely tough and durable method of applying your company name onto the front or back of a wide range of garments. Commonly seen on hi-viz garments, heat-printing provides a razor sharp image in a range of various colours. Heat-printing provides a quick and inexpensive method of attaching logos onto garments that are not suitable for embroidery or where the required logos are too large for embroidery.

Multi colour badges offer a quick and inexpensive method of attaching a multi-colour logo to your garment. With the new state of the art machines and modern inks these badges are incredibly tough and long lasting, although not as hard wearing as embroidery.

Design Information

You will need to supply your logo; the higher the quality of the logo provided the better the end result. At ddhss we can work from quality artwork, preferably a high resolution image via email or disk in an EPD, PDF, Windows TIFF or JPEG format. Should you be unable to supply this we can often work from good quality printed artwork such as letterheads or compliment slips. If you do not have a company logo you could choose from our range of standard fonts, colour and sizes, there is no set-up cost for designs using standard fonts.

Once you have provided your logo ddhss can then process your design. Embroidered logos have to be digitised to create a sowing pattern; this usually takes between 5 and 10 working days. Once your design is ready we will embroider a sample for your final approval. Only once the sample is approved will we proceed with your order. Your embroidery design will be retained on file for future ordering purposes.


Select the category of products you would like embroidered.

Polos & T-Shirts
Polos & T-Shirts

Making Embroidering your workwear simple – How it works!

It could not be easier to start the process of allowing us to embroid your logo onto your work clothing.

1. Simply select a category from the list below.
2. Next select the product that you wish to have embroided.
3. Under the price of the product you will see “Would You Like This Product Embroided” Simply select “yes” from the drop down and begin customising your clothing.

Below is a simple breakdown and explanation of how you can customise your clothing.

1. Would you like your product embroided – Select Yes

2. Would You Like Plain Text Or Your Logo To Be Embroided?

  • Plain Text (No Set Up Costs) – This option would best be suited if you were looking for simple text embroidery, this would not include your logo and would be an arial font.
  • My Logo (£40.00 Digitizing Set Up Cost) – This option is preferable with most of our customers as you are able to get your exact logo replicated onto the garments. This option does incur a set up cost of digitizing your logo. this is a one off cost (per logo). Once each logo has been digitized you will not pay this set up cost with us again. If you have variations of your logo (more than one) you are able to select more logos for embroidery.
  • I have already added a Digitizing Set Up Cost previous – This option is to be selected if you have either:
    Already added your logo for digitizing in a previous product or you have already had your logo digitized by us in the past. You can simply add your company name in the drop down box “company name” once this option has been selected to alert us of the correlation between your orders.