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Where to buy Safety Boots in Norwich, Norfolk & East Anglia.

Your search for locating safety boots in Norwich has just begun here at DDHSS.

There are many safety footwear retailers online, here at DDHSS safety, we are a Norwich based safety clothing company with premises located in Norwich situated just on the outskirts of the city centre.

You are welcome to come down and visit us and try our range of workwear on. Sizing can be a problem for most people as it is well known that fitting of clothing can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Quality of service when buying safety boots in Norwich

It is important to us that you buy the correct footwear first time and being an online retailer we understand that this can be very touch. We welcome our customers old and new to visit us and have a chat about any of the workwear that we sell.

We sell a wide range of safety trainers and safety boots in varied price brackets so you can be certain to find something to suit your budget and needs.

Of course if using safety boots for a specific job requirement then of course we recommend investing in one of the top branded safety boots norwich. Dickies are quite rightly one of the best branded boots on the market. Durable and robust, made with real leather.

There are many options of safety boots available and one of the most popular boots are steel-toe capped boots. Very durable workwear boots that are reinforced to incredibly high standards. Talk to us about the availability of safety boots norwich.

Top 7 things to consider when buying a safety boot

  1. The cost of the boots (Budget is always important)
  2. The manufacturing brand of the boot.
  3. The boot material
  4. The colour (Individual preference)
  5. Is the boot fit for purpose (does the boots possess the correct criteria for the job at hand)?
  6. Is the boot comfortable – probably the most important question that you need to ask yourself?
  7. Is the boot sole fit for purpose?
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safety boots norwich norfolk

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