Increasing the Range Sievi Footwear Norwich dd Health and Safety

Little do many know Sievi is the largest footwear manufacturer in Northern Europe – They have a long and rich history of making boots that pre dating a lot of the mainstream brands.

Sievi celebrated their 70th year anniversary this past October 2021, to mark the celebration they released a special edition trainer named the Roller 70+ S3, utilising their many decades of experience and technical advances coupled with their acute knowledge of footwear comfort and the fact that not everyone has the same shape or width foot. With that they make shoes and boots that will support the arch, heel and toes. This fit can be further enhanced by selecting different insoles, they can cater for a high, medium or low arches. How often do you hear someone say that their feet are killing them? I have heard it a thousand times, but until I started looking more closely at footwear I never really understood what was going on. If you are walking around in footwear that doesn’t give you the support and comfort you need for your particular shape of foot then it is no wonder you are feeling the strain.

Another great feature of the Sievi boots and the Roller 70+ S3 in particular is the flush position with a dial that is set on the side. With the fantastic BOA system laces are a thing of the past, taking your boots off or putting them on can be achieved in a matter of seconds.

Recently the team were challenged to give real world feedback on the Sievi range. Each member of the team chose a Pair of Sievi shoes and the feedback has been excellent, months on, the footwear has worn well and still offers superior comfort and support with most of the team choosing footwear that looked very much unlike safety shoes at all. Sievi has become the clear favorite and its popularity for us locally is ever increasing. We have been so pleased with the feedback on all the Sievi safety products that we now have increased the in  store range as well as installing the Sievi laser foot measurement scanner which we offer as a service to all customers at no cost. You can learn more about the laser scanner system here.

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